Zhang Jun [count:2]
Professor Zhang Jun is Chang-Jiang Professor of Economics at Fudan University, and serves as the Director of China Center for Economic Studies (CCES). He has been expertizing in productivity, growth accounting and political economy of growth in post-reform China. His research achievements have been published in both Chinese and English periodicals, including Journal of Asian Economics, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, East Asian Review, etc.
Email: junzh_2000@fudan.edu.cn
Yin Xingmin [count:1]
Yin Xingmin got his PH.D from University of Sussex, United Kingdom, and now is a Professor in Fudan University, and Deputy Director in CCES and a member of academic committee of School of Economics and CCES. Professor Yin’s main research fields are financial economics, industrial economics and organization. Professor Yin has directed and participated in plenty of academic project researches and policy counsels. Besides, he has always attended the international academic conferences and the discussions on international policy and put forward his views on such issues as developments in his major fields, the adjustments in international policy etc.
Chen Zhao [count:1]
Chen Zhao, a PH.D in economics of Fudan University. His research fields include the economy in China, industrial economics, Information and incentive economics. He has published a lot of academic papers in many leading economics journals such as Economic Studies, the Quarterly of Economics, Contemporary Economic Policy, World Economy etc. Besides, he also serves as the anonymous reviewer for several magazines above.
Email: zhaochen@fudan.edu.cn
Shi Lei [count:1]
Shi Lei, PH.D of economics in Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Economics, professor of Fudan University in economics, and the former Minister of the Publicity Department in Fudan University, and now the secretary of the Party Branch. His main research fields include industrial structure, industrial organization, and the theory and practice of enterprises. In recent years, he has presided seven research projects in the provincial level or above. Among the accomplished projects, three outstanding ones have won the Social Science Achievement Award at provincial level.
Email: shilei@fudan.edu.cn
Zhou Weilin [count:1]
Zhou Weilin, PH.D. in economics, Leader of City Economic Study Center in Fudan University, a director of Shanghai Economic Academy, also a researcher in the China Center of Economics Studies. As an associate Professor of Fudan University, he has been expertizing in Contemporary China Economy, (especially) City and Region Economics, Industry Economics, Government Economics and Enterprise Management.
Email: zwl4114@163.com
Shiyi Chen [count:1]
Chen, Shiyi: Professor of Economics at Fudan University and visiting scholar at Humbolt University, Germany. He is the Director of Leading Group of Ecology, Environment, Humanities and Social Sciences Research at Fudan and Director of Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute (CUHK-Fudan). He holds a PhD in Econometrics at Kyungpook National Univerity, Republic of Korea. His research interest is in applied econometrics, energy, environment and development economics, finance, public economics and so on. His current works are published in English journals such as Quantitative Finance, Journal of Forecasting, The World Economy, China Economic Review, Energy Policy and top Chinese journals.
Kou Zonglai [count:1]
Kou Zonglai, a PhD in economics, and an associate professor in Fudan University. His main research fields include industry organization, intellectual property, network economics, and contract theory. He has published lots of papers in "world economy" , “industrial economic research", "Quarterly Journal of Economics", "the world economy collection" "Fudan Journal" and other periodicals. His published works include "Industrial Economics (Volume I)", "The Functions and Performance of The Patent System".
Email: zlkou@fudan.edu.cn
Jiang Jianqiang [count:0]
Jiang Jianqiang gained his Ph.D degree in School of Economics, Fudan University. His main interests are the New Institutional Economics, the theory of contract and transaction costs, etc., He has several papers published in Chinese leading economics journals, such as the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the World Economy etc. Besides, he also interpreted in charge some English academic works such as “Laws and Economics” and “System and Economic Theory” etc.
Email: jianqiangjiang@fudan.edu.cn
Zhang Yan [count:1]
Zhang Yan, a Ph.D. in economics of Applied Economics Department in Guanghua Management School in Beijing University. Her research fields include public economics and macroeconomics. She has published lots of academic papers in many famous economics journals such as economic Studies, Developments in Economics etc.
Wang Yongqin [count:1]
Wang Yongqin, a Ph.D. in economics and a faculty of Fudan University's China Center for Economic Research. His main research fields include Game Theory, Contract and organizational theory, public economics, restructuring and development economics. He has published several well-known works—-“reputation, commitment and organizational forms: a comparative analysis of the system "and" China's development path: voice from the economics”.
Email: yongqinwang@fudan.edu.cn
Zhang Yuan [count:1]
Zhang Yuan is an Assistant Research Fellow at the China Center for Economic Studies (CCES), Fudan University. His research fields include rural poverty and social capital. He also acts as Editor of the World Economic Papers.
Email: zhangyuanfd@fudan.edu.cn
Wu Jianfeng [count:1]
WU Jianfeng is an assistant professor of economics at China Center for Economic Studies (CCES), Fudan University. He studies urban and regional development in China since the end of 1970s. His other research interests include real estate economics and finance. Dr. Wu Jianfeng received his Ph.D. from National University of Singapore(NUS) in 2009.
Li Ting [count:1]
Ting Li got the Ph.D in economics from Toulouse School of Economics and is currently an assistant professor at CCES. Her main research fields include industrial organization, incentive theory and public economics.
Email: liting@fudan.edu.cn
Zhang Qi [count:1]
Dr. Qi Zhang (Luke) is associate professor of CCES. He received Ph.D. degree in Economics from China Center for Economic Research at Peking University. He received a second Ph.D. degree in Political Science from Department of Political Science at Northwestern University (USA). His research interests include authoritarian politics, political economy, and Chinese politics & economy.
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